Ship to US Service Personnel

APO, FPO, DPO Discount — 25% OFF

Send a friend, colleague or loved one serving overseas in the military some Chicaoji to improve their mess hall meals!

25% off orders sent to APO, FPO, AND DPO addresses. The USPS offers reduce Flat Rate shipping to Army Post Office, Fleet Post office, Diplomatic Post Office addresses.

USPS Flat Rate boxes work really well for international orders. A large USPS Flat Rate box can hold up to eight 12 oz bottles.

The cost is $9.00 per bottle plus $20 for shipping. 8 bottle maximum in USPS Flat Rate box.

Order by mail, email, or phone.

Pay with personal check, credit card, or money order. Paypal lets me send you an invoice to pay if that works better for you..

If you don’t want to order online, then call us and we’ll figure out your order, shipping cost and payment. The goal is to get the sauce to service personnel. As delightful as the mess hall grub might be….a puddle of Chicaoji is likely to make it taste better.

Send your checks payable to:
Waugh Enterprises LLC
PO Box 691
Lopez Island, WA 98261

Phone: 360-468-4372
If you call, PLEASE say your order, address,  phone number, and payment info slowly and clearly.


Chicaoji makes good food taste better!

—Randall & Annie

2 thoughts on “Ship to US Service Personnel

  1. Aloha.
    Been jonesing for your hot sauce since a friend gifted me a bottle a couple of years ago. Thing is, I live in Hawaii. Every now and then I come here to your site but the shipping to Hawaii always chases me away. I now see that you have a discount for international. Can that work for Hawaii too?
    It looks like shipping goes from eight bucks for the mainland, to thirty eight bucks for Hawaii.
    Sorry, not trying to be cheap, I just don’t have much disposable income or I would just order.
    I love your sauce!!
    Derek Erwin

    1. Hi Derek,
      Thank you for your comments. I wrote you back in October but didn’t hear back from you. I just noticed your email this afternoon and thought I’d check with you again.
      Shipping to Hawaii is about as expensive as shipping to Maine. I can’t really offer the international pricing.
      I offer international pricing to help get Chicaoji to in foreign lands more for the idea of it. I don’t actually make much money when I do this. It’s for fun more than any thing. I have photos of Chicaoji in Finland, Taiwan, Mongolia, and a few other far flung countries.

      I looked into this for you and see a couple of options. This pricing isn’t all that far off from the normal cost.

      A large flat rate box USPS costs $18.75, holds up to 8 or so 12 oz bottles.
      A medium flat rate USPS box is $13.95 holds 3 or so
      A Regional A box holds two 12 oz bottles maximum and would cost $10.77
      I would give you a 10% discount to help mitigate the shipping costs. That’s $1.20 off each bottle.

      What do you think?

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