The Artist of Chicaoji: Brenna Jael Nies

Brenna is an amazingly creative artist. She paints signs, binds and writes books, draws a cartoon blog.  She runs a book bindery business and teaches book binding classes. She created the familiar Chicaoji “drop” logo currently featured on the labels like these:

Brenna also created the Chicaoji meso-american glyph. She is a student of Meso-American art and, in particular, the language of the cultures in the region we call Central America. Notice that each component/ingredient of Chicaoji is incorporated into the image. With this glyph, Brenna has captured  so much of what I am trying to express when I say that Chicaoji is a Gathering of the Healing Tribes: Many gathered as one.

Chicaoji Meso-American glyph
Chicaoji Meso-American glyph.


Visit Brenna’s website:  She has an Etsy site with a lot of cool art to choose from.

I do not have words to describe how honored I am to have Brenna’s art included in the Chicaoji adventure.