Chicaoji Recipe ideas summarized.

People often say they put Chicaoji on “everything.”  This page provides some general ideas for using it. Would it be helpful to you to see a recipe page? If so, drop us a line at

  1. Eggs cooked any style: boiled, fried, poached, made into omelettes or quiches, pickled. There’s something special about eggs & Chicaoji.
  2. Put Chicaoji on sandwiches, burgers, steak, tofu, chicken, steamed veggies, grains, cold cuts, baked potatoes, pizza… you get the idea… use your imagination.
  3. Make a dip or spread: start with a tablespoon of Chicaoji per cup of hummus, sour cream, yogurt, guacamole, or fresh salsa.
  4. Add to any marinade, like this: mix with blackberry jam to make an amazing marinade for grilled pork, chicken, beef, or fish!
  5. On the grill, brush Chicaoji directly onto meats, pineapple, squash, onions, veggies.
  6. Add Chicaoji at the beginning, middle, or end of sautés.
  7. Upgrade baked foods like casseroles, mac & cheese, meatloaf, scalloped potatoes or other root veggies.
  8. ‘Chicaoji Bloody Mary’ Add 1 part Chicaoji to 8 parts of your usual Bloody Mary mix.
  9. Brighten up salad dressings for fresh tossed greens, Caesars, chicken/tuna/steak/tofu salads.