Celtic Sea Salt® : A True Salt of the Earth…. and Chicaoji

Like the ocean water that composes most of our blue planet, cooking with salt is a fundamental part of life on Earth. Collected from the Earth’s oceans and ancient sea beds, salt is an abundant gift that can be used to elevate the taste of other foods and supplement our bodies with an array of essential nutrients.

The cultivation and harvest of Celtic Sea Salt©.
The cultivation and harvest of Celtic Sea Salt®

Because salt is such a key cooking ingredient, many people overlook its potential health benefits and take the natural stuff for granted. Seeing salt only as a flavor enhancer, the uninformed chef may choose a highly processed table salt to cheer on the real stars in their recipe. Table salt, which is a combination of pure sodium chloride and anti-caking agents, pails in comparison to the subtle Earthly flavor and rich mineral composition of a real sea salt.

The powerful ingredients in Chicaoji would accept no less than a true “salt of the Earth” to share a bottle with. That’s why we use light grey Celtic Sea Salt® by Selina Naturally to intensify the flavors of the raw goji berries, cacao and chipotle chile peppers in Chicaoji. While Celtic Sea Salt® aids the other ingredients in reaching their full flavor potential, the dissolved grains also impart their own subtle taste sensation into each bottle.

Celtic Sea Salt® is a completely unrefined grey salt that is collected by hand and then dried with sunshine and wind. The natural collection process allows the salt to retain moisture from the seawater and a light grey hue from the clay-lined salt beds where it is found. Moist and grey, Celtic Sea Salt®’s unique appearance are evidence of the fact that it has not been bleached and diluted by additives and has thus retained its rich mineral composition.

Healthy food is preventative medicine, and countless health care professionals have recommended the use of Celtic Sea Salt® in a balanced diet. Not only is Celtic Sea Salt® a great source of sodium and magnesium, it contains dozens of trace minerals that can be difficult to find in other foods. As our bodies are mostly composed of salt water, Celtic Sea Salt® helps feed our internal ocean waters the nutrients that they need to produce electrolytes and maintain proper functioning.

Flavoring your meals with Chicaoji is an easy and delicious way to obtain your daily dose of Celtic Sea Salt®. Order Chicaoji today to enjoy the benefits of adding a real sea salt to your diet.

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The cultivation and harvest of Celtic Sea Salt©
The cultivation and harvest of Celtic Sea Salt©

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