Celtic Sea Salt

I use Celtic Sea Salt for Chicaoji because it is well know for its most excellent quality. Here’s the story of how I decided to use Celtic Sea Salt provided by Selina Naturally in Arden, North Carolina.

Back when I was fine tuning the recipe for Chicaoji I asked people what they thought we the most excellent sources for the ingredients. One day on the ferry to the mainland I was sitting with a group of people just hanging out and visiting during the voyage as we commonly do here in the San Juan Islands. I mentioned my little recipe idea to the group.

Now as it happens, one of the people in the group had a ‘salt guru’ in the 1970’s. I had never even  heard of a salt guru before that moment. Salt guru? Really? Wow! (Well then, it was the 70s and if you were there you know that there were some wild and crazy things going on in those days. I remember most of them.)

Anyway, she suggested that I use Celtic Sea Salt because for two reasons: it is excellent and it is known for its excellence. She said that many people pay close attention to the quality of salt they eat and that using Celtic Sea Salt for this new sauce I was creating would signal to them that I use premium ingredients.

When one asks the Universe for help and/or advice it behooves one to take it when one receives it. So Celtic Sea Salt it was and is to this day.

Since then I’ve gotten to know the folks at Selina Naturally a little bit and they are really nice people. One of my favorite quotes about salt comes from the wholesale account manager at Selina. We were discussing the difference between sea salt and table salt, which is pure sodium chloride with maybe some anti-caking agents. He said, in his North Carolina accent, (imagine with me now, these words flowing in the relaxed and uniquely emphatic Southern way of speaking): “Now Randall, sodium chloride is a CLEANING powder. It is NOT food.”

I use that quote often at the farmers markets. I love it.

That said, here are some links to the Selina Natually website and store. You can nourish your family, loved ones, and customers with excellent salt and the wide range of products they offer. If you use salt in anything check these folks out. You can also find their products in stores all across the country.
I’ll let the nice folks at Selina Naturally explain why Celtic Sea Salt is so great in their own words.

Selina Naturally

Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt